Sarah B. McLaughlin

Abhaya Bodywork, Inc.


Upcoming Events and Classes

Inanna Sadhana

In this sadhana, we follow the poem of Inanna's Descent into the Underworld. We will be asked to lay down the ideas that we use to define ourselves, we will intentionally dissolve hard-held beliefs of who we are, and we will rise again as embodied maturity and strength. 

Each week we will peel back the curtain a little more. Inanna asks us to stop trying to fit our greatness into the constrictive hand-me-down dress given to us by society, and instead to tear the seams and rip open the fabric to reveal our true nature. Inanna says it is time to stop playing small, time to stop trying to shove our greatness down into a digestible and acceptable package.

Sisters, we will journey deep down into the dark, at each doorway we must leave behind something that we have previously used to define our power. We must willingly dissolve, and find the strength to rise again to the surface more mature and stronger than before.

Each week, we will meet for an hour to hear the next part of her and our journey, and personally reflect what we will be laying down at each gate--what defines who we think we are, and have time for meditation. The final week will be our ascent and emergence back into the light.

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Continuing Education for Bodyworkers

Sarah has joined forces with Katie Roach of Alton, Illinois, and Naa-Dodoa Ankrah of St. Louis, Missouri to bring continuing education to bodyworkers and massage therapists. Together, these fabulous ladies are known as Tres Ochas.

Their mission is to spread the love of bodywork and massage to both professionals and the novice student. Tres Ochas has decided to not seek certification or credentialing from the powers that be. This is because they have noticed a particular way in which the students and teachers interact with one another based on the assumption that one must issue CEUs (Continuing Education Credits) in exchange for funds. The attitude too often becomes one of expectation and goal orientation of "finishing" or "completing" study of a particular topic.

Tres Ochas believes that study is never complete. They do not certify anyone to do anything. That is not their goal. Rather, they encourage learning for the sake of learning and fully support all institutions and regulations already in place. Basically, don't take their classes because you want to be certified in anything--take their classes because the subject matter and instructors are compelling and passionate about life long learning.

Classes range from Thai bodywork, sound healing, self care workshops, yoga, body mechanic classes, and meditation.  Please send us an email and let us know what continuing education classes you would like to see!